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Facebook Marketing for POD Business: Beginner’s Guide | Fuel POD

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Facebook Marketing for POD Business: Beginners Guide

There’s no doubt that every business needs to have a Facebook account. 

This social network has over 1.5 billion active users. The average user spends at least 60 minutes daily on this network, which means thousands of opportunities to present your brand to potential customers.

As you can imagine, entering the Facebook world is taking a big step into digital marketing life. It can help you grow your ecommerce business, reach new customers, and engage with your community. But we know that creating a Facebook marketing strategy for your print-on-demand business might sound hard, so let’s start with the basics.

We have prepared this beginner’s guide to start your own Facebook marketing strategy, so go grab your cup of coffee and start making notes: 

About Facebook pages

If you’re planning to create ad campaigns on this platform (which we highly recommend!), you need a Facebook page. 

Unlike a personal profile, a page gives you insights into the interactions you receive and your audience’s demographics. That will allow you to make any needed adjustments to your posts and all you need to know to reach people that have never heard of your business. 

Keep in mind that you need to maintain your page up to date and share content periodically to have accurate insights. You don’t want your customers to forget about your brand! 

When you’re creating your Facebook page, remember to: 

  • Choose the right category. It may sound obvious, but choosing the right category according to your business can help people find your page faster. 
  • Choose your page name wisely. Do you remember what we talked about brand consistency? Your brand identity is highly relevant for your consumers to recognize your print-on-demand products on every platform you advertise.
  • Keep your branding on. Your cover photo, profile picture, description, and username need to be on point. If you have profiles on other social media platforms, your profile picture could be the same on all. Keep fueling your brand identity! 
  • Add a call to action (CTA) button. That will help you attract your audience to your print-on-demand website to finish the purchase process. 
Men and women learning how to create a Facebook marketing strategy for a POD business.
Creating a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Creating Organic Content

On the social media vocabulary, organic content includes all the posts that are not in a paid campaign. 

But if you think organic posts won’t help you, we’re here to make you change your mind. There are several objectives you can reach with them:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Redirect traffic to your website
  • Introduce your new product collection
  • Engage with your community 
  • Get leads

And as you must know, there are different formats you can use on Facebook. Our recommendation is to have a mix to keep your customers engaged. Single pictures, carousels, short videos… The sky's the limit! 

Before you start posting, you should go back and check your buyer persona. Understanding your customers’ challenges, goals and characteristics will help you determine the type of content you need to fit their interests. 

With all that information and your business goals in mind, you can start planning the content strategy for your POD store. 

Picture simulating a Facebook feed with different formats, as part of a Facebook marketing strategy for POD business.

💡 Fuel Tip: Create a monthly content calendar to organize your Facebook page content. Posting constantly will increase your customers’ confidence to make a purchase. There are plenty of effortless platforms to help you create quality designs.

Monitor your results 

Having a Facebook marketing strategy without measuring its results it’s useless. 

After you have launched your page and made several posts, you will access the page insights section. Here, you can analyze the performance and results of your posts. 

Sample of the Facebook page insight tab.
On the Page Insights tab you’ll be able to learn your posts’ performance. 

Depending on your goals, you will need to take a look at specific metrics. It is not only about the likes! Check the comments, shares, link clicks, views… all of this information will throw more insights into your customers’ preferences. 

Starting with Facebook ads for your ecommerce store

You have created your Facebook page, shared organic content, and looked at your insights. By now, you will be ready to start creating ad campaigns on Facebook Business Manager

It has a wide variety of paid advertising options, but all of them broke down into three elements:

  • Ads: Individual ads that your audience will see. Each can have a variety of copies, images, text, format, among others. 
  • Ads sets: They are groups of ads with different audiences and characteristics. 
  • Campaigns: These are made up of ad sets. 

You can choose between 11 ad objectives. Facebook offers three categories for these: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. 

Once you select your campaign, you must define: 

  • Audience (location, age, gender, interests, and language)
  • Budget (Daily budget or lifetime budget)
  • Schedule
  • Ad format (Single video or images, carousels, instant experiences)

Your ads will also give you stats of their reach, impressions, clicks, cost per result (CPR), frequency, actions, among others. So don’t forget to check on them and optimize them to improve your results! 

Final tips before you start

We know you must be eager to start working on content and Facebook ads for your ecommerce business. Before that, remember to: 

  • Try big audiences and let Facebook do its work. 
  • One ad campaign at the time: Avoid creating competition between your ads.
  • Every ad will start performing well after 24 hours, so don’t forget to test your ads before creating significant ad investments. 
  • Understand what Facebook wants: As we said initially, Facebook is constantly changing, so you must keep track of new formats and trends. 

This is just a small glimpse of how to start creating your strategy on Facebook. Practice makes perfect! So, begin now creating your business page and enjoy the benefits of using other platforms to increase your business sales. 

If you’re feeling confident, read our 6 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips blog post to explore Instagram’s world! 

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