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Top Halloween Marketing Ideas for POD Businesses | Fuel POD

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Top Halloween Marketing Ideas for POD Businesses

The spookiest of holidays is coming! Halloween is almost here, bringing an excellent opportunity for print-on-demand businesses you don't want to miss out. As usual, Fuel is here to help take your business to the next level, this time with the top Halloween marketing ideas for ecommerce businesses. So, buckle up and carry on reading to discover what makes this day such a spooktacular opportunity! 

Halloween trends for 2021

Halloween is one of the best holidays to commemorate, and 65% of Americans will celebrate in 2021, so it's no surprise that Halloween spending is increasing. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the total expenditure will surpass the 10 billion mark this year!

Bar graphic showing Halloween spending in the last 5 years, one of 2021 Halloween trends. 
Halloween trends for 2021: Spending will surpass 10 billion dollars! 

People living in the U.S. plan to spend 102.74 USD for Halloween on average, and a big part of this money will go to costumes, candy, and decorations. A great opportunity you cannot pass to increase your profits during the fall season.

Moreover, households with children are estimated to spend around twice the amount of homes without children on Halloween items. Millennial moms won't miss the chance to dress everyone in the family up! So, we recommend including products appropriate for everyone in the family. Keep reading for cool Halloween products suggestions to add to your store.

Halloween is very popular among the younger generations, and we have no doubt most of gen Z (16-24 years old) and Millennials (24-40 years old) will be celebrating. For this reason, it's time to brush up on your buyer personas knowledge, basing them on these different age groups. Don't miss the boat in targeting all the potential customers! Learn how to create a buyer persona from scratch here.  

Trending Halloween products

Black girl playing on a swing, wearing a POD shirt with a Halloween design on it

Halloween shirts

A crucial part of Halloween is, of course, the costumes. But not everyone dresses to the nines for Halloween. Give your customers something comfortable and easy to throw on, like Halloween shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts they can make part of their outfit. Whether they love to keep the Halloween spirit more than one day a year or they want to go with the theme but not go over the top, you can't go wrong with some Halloween shirts!

Children asking for candies with a tote bag, a Halloween trending product

Halloween treat bags

Looking for a product your customers can use as gifts? Fuel has an excellent solution for you: tote bags, or should we say treat bags. Fuel canvas totes will be the perfect company for all the kids trick or treating this year, an extra practical detail they can reuse to carry candies or other things year after year.

Print-on-demand mug with Halloween design

Indoor Halloween decorations  

Most Americans go big celebrating Halloween, and they put a lot of effort into decorations. Give people what they want with scary posters they can use to add Halloween vibes to their homes. On the other hand, we predict there will be plenty of pumpkin spice lattes and hot cider in most of your customers' homes this Fall. So what can be better than giving them some spooky vibes in cute mugs they can use all year round. 

Halloween graphic design ideas

For some people, Halloween is a state of mind, not something you only celebrate once a year, and they can become your customers if you create a design to show the Halloween spirit to everyone around them.

  • Creep it real. Halloween is the perfect excuse to get freaky and use scary phrases in your designs. Let your imagination run wild; it's Halloween, the scarier, the better!  
  • Cute Halloween characters for kids. Whether you use witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires, pirates…There is no shortage of spooky monsters to choose from.      
  • Take the traditional route. The all-time popular characters you know and love are mainstays for a reason. You can't go wrong keeping it classic.  
Kids celebrating Halloween wearing Halloween shirts made by Fuel.
Use these Halloween graphic design ideas to create the spookiest Halloween collection of all!

Prepare your website

As you may have concluded already, Halloween is a great occasion to sell more! But, you may ask yourself, how do I do that? Well, Fuel has some suggestions to help you reach all your spooktacular potential! 

  • Create the spookiest Halloween collection. As you can see with our Halloween graphic design ideas, there are many ways you can spin this fun holiday to make it your own. Take advantage of all the possibilities and create a collection that best fits your niche market and buyer personas.
  • Go with the theme. Dress your store accordingly with some spooky Halloween banners. Also, it is the perfect time to showcase your seasonal products on the homepage. Don't forget to add a banner or image to bring attention to any special promotions you may have for this holiday.
  • Set up a special promo or discount. Attract more customers with a promotion or discount they cannot pass. Offering things like free shipping or coupon codes will go a long way to help your customers buy from you instead of your competition.

💡 Fuel tip: Generate momentum for the special promotion by giving sneak peeks of what's to come on social media or email marketing to entice potential customers.

Box opening up showing t-shirts, tote bags, posters, and mugs, all trending Halloween products you can sell with Fuel.
Don’t forget to add these trending Halloween products to your collections.

As you can see, there are many reasons to embrace this wicked holiday, but it is not the only important holiday of the season. You can try some of our many Fall marketing ideas, plus we also made a special blog to help you prep yourself for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Everything you need to get ready with Fuel 😎

Don't miss the opportunity of tapping into this haunting holiday to increase your sales!

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