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Expedited Shipping - Mastering Expedited Shipping for Seamless Order Fulfillment

The Fuel Team
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In today's competitive market, we understand that timely deliveries play a pivotal role, especially during peak seasons. Introducing Expedited Shipping - our solution designed to support sellers by facilitating swift deliveries, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers. With deliveries within 3-5 business days, Expedited Shipping aims to minimize delays and elevate overall customer satisfaction.

This blog will provide everything you need to know about our new Expedited Shipping option!

📌 Which products qualify for Expedited Shipping? 

Expedited Shipping is currently available for select Apparel products. 

You can identify eligible products by looking for the Expedite Ship badge on the Product Catalog when creating new items. This badge indicates which products qualify for Expedited Shipping.

Additionally, this badge can also be found on the Products page for you to easily identify which existing products qualify for our new shipping method.

We are working on expanding the Expedited Shipping option to cover more products in the near future, ensuring an even broader range of items for your urgent needs. Stay tuned for more updates!

📌 What are the requirements for the Expedited Shipping Method?

  1. Expedited Shipping is available for US orders only

Please note that Expedited Shipping is currently applicable only to orders within the United States.

  1. All items in the order must be eligible products

Expedited Shipping will be activated for your order only if all items within it are eligible for Expedited Shipping, as specified in the Fuel Pricing Catalog. To identify eligible products, refer to the ‘Product Catalog’ by clicking on "Create Product" on the Products Page. If any item in the order is not eligible for Expedited Shipping, the entire order will be ineligible for this shipping method.

📌 Pricing

Please refer to the FUEL PRICING CATALOG for more details!

📌 How to apply Expedited Shipping method for your Orders?

There are three ways to apply Expedited Shipping for your orders:

1. Manual Order Creation: Check out our step-by-step instructions below

  • On your Fuel app, go to Orders and choose Create Order
  • Select the product(s), color(s) and size(s) and the quantity that you want, then click Continue
  • Add the required shipping information for the order
  • In the final step, select your preferred shipping method in the lower left corner. If this order meets all the conditions, both Standard and Expedited Shipping methods will be available to select. If not, the Standard Shipping will be automatically selected. The Total cost will be adjusted based on the selected shipping method
  • Review all the order details, then click Create Order

2. CSV Order Import Tool: There will be an additional column named “Use Expedited Shipping Method” at the end of the CSV template in which you can input either “True” or “False” to specify your desired shipping method.

  • If the order is eligible for Expedited Shipping, entering “True” in this column will set its shipping method to Expedited. Entering “False” or leaving it blank will set the shipping method to Standard Shipping.
  • On the other hand, if the order is not eligible, you can only enter “False” or leave this cell blank. Inputting “True” in the column, in this case, might lead to errors in the entire CSV file import process.

See below for an example of errors:

3. Shopify Orders: Instead of manually setting up the shipping method for each order, you can establish a Default Shipping Method directly in your Fuel Account Settings on Shopify. Simply navigate to Settings → Fuel Account Settings, choose either Standard Shipping or Expedited Shipping as your default method, and click Save. By doing so, the Fuel app will automatically apply the selected shipping method to all orders received from your Shopify store. However, if you wish to change the shipping method for a specific order, you can easily edit it when the order is still pending.

  • Important Note: Both requirements mentioned above have to be met, otherwise the entire order will default to the Standard shipping method.

  📌 How to edit a Shipping Method for a pending order?

If you have a pending order and wish to change the shipping method, you can easily edit the order by following these steps:

  • On your Fuel app, go to Orders and click on the Pending order that you wish to edit
  • On the Shipping Information section, select Edit
  • Scroll down to Shipping Method and select the preferred shipping method from Standard or Expedited. Expedited Shipping Method will automatically be disabled if your order is not eligible. Click Save

Important Note: Once the order has been moved to production,  you will no longer be able to edit the Shipping Information section.

We are confident that our new Expedited Shipping option will streamline your experience with us and ensure that your customers receive their orders in time!

Should you have any questions, feedback, or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at or our Live Chat. 

Thank you for always choosing Fuel POD.


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