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Fall Marketing Ideas for Small Business

May seasonality be your best friend! It's time to say goodbye to these last few months' vibrant, summery vibe and shift to a more cozy, chilly mood. For many, this is a color-changing season to enjoy a warm pumpkin pie slice; but for ecommerce entrepreneurs, fall represents the beginning of the holiday shopping season 🔥

We know the online competition, especially in the print-on-demand realm, is more challenging than ever during this time of the year, which is why it's crucial to upgrade your marketing game to boost your sales. Grab a pen and paper, and let's get started!

As leaves fall, sales increase

Holidays are synonyms for peak sales. It's no surprise that sales forecasts tend to go higher once we enter the last months of the year.

According to ROI Revolution, "total retail sales were up 11% compared to June 2020; and apparel experienced noticeable growth over the last year, with a 63% sales increase." As consumer habits go back to normal after the pandemic's peak, online spending is expected to keep going strong throughout the rest of 2021.

With that in mind, and two of the most considerable best-offer hunt dates of the season ahead: Black Friday (November 26th) and Cyber Monday (November 29th), the time to start planning your strategy is now. 

An interesting fact to point out is that Cyber Monday surpassed Black Friday’s revenue last year by $1.8 billion (Statista), and according to Finances Online, buyers are looking for clothes, home goods, and toys to purchase during this day. 

But what deals are consumers expecting to get this next Black Friday and Cyber Monday, besides direct discounts on goods? Finances Online enlist these are the three factors that influence the most when it comes to online shopping:

Pie chart explaining the top three influencing factors for Black Friday online sales.
Consider these factors and plan out exciting promotion ideas to be ready for the occasion.

Consumers look for an effortless experience online, so make sure you optimize your store and place your items on sale at the top of your home page. Email marketing is a great idea to remind them about your limited-time offers and how they can take advantage of the sale. Finally, if possible, adding a free shipping option can help you boost your cart conversions. , if possible,

💡Fuel Tip: Use SEO to improve the rank on search results and make your print-on-demand store easier to find. Read our Guide for SEO Beginners to get started.

Fall marketing ideas for the holidays

Retail giants can put up a good fight when it comes to online experiences, so here we’ve gathered a list of clever, infallible marketing ideas for small businesses you can implement to gain and retain customers.

Pumpkin-spice it up

Woman using a phone with a print-on-demand phone case.
Include fall-related colors and elements on your products and marketing materials.

Welcome the new season with a “Goodbye Summer” sale: Select all the summer-related products from your store and offer a discount, promo code, or coupon to encourage your customers to add them to their carts. 

You can also celebrate the first day of autumn by revamping and adding fall-themed backgrounds and elements to your branding, website, images, and videos, or any marketing material you’ll share. Consider updating and refreshing your color products so your buyers can embrace the season’s feeling.

  • Suggested products: Include Beanies & Phone Cases, so your community can share the perfect autumn aesthetic selfie on socials. 

Football season thrill

Hut! Hut! Hut! Whether it is college or the major leagues’ games your customers enjoy, football season is also an exciting opportunity to fuel your profits. If you're looking for a more traditional fall marketing idea, you can consider supporting your community by becoming a local football team sponsor. It's a great way to raise your brand awareness! 

  • Suggested products: People are fussing over outdoor sports this time of the year, and nothing screams “comfy” more than these Sweatshirts and T-Shirts

Join the spooky vibes

Color changing print-on-demand mug with Halloween inspired design in front of a man with a laptop.
Think about the wow factor that will invite your customers to share your products on social media.

Halloween is a holiday loved by the young and old. This is an Instagram-mable fest, so why not organize a photo contest of your customers wearing your print-on-demand products? Invite them to share their creative photos, videos, or reels using a hashtag for your business, and the most liked is the winner! 

Social media is the perfect channel to remind your buyers of the discounts on your store, so if you have any intriguing promos, don’t forget to share them as the day approaches. You can read about these hacks on our blog: 6 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips

  • Suggested products: Color-Changing Mugs to take advantage of the season’s mysticism & Tote Bags, so your younger customers can rock them while trick or treating. 

Time to give thanks

Thanksgiving always evokes a giving atmosphere, and what’s the best way to thank your buyers for their loyalty? Yes, with discounts, but similar to a limited-time offer, you can choose different products and promote them on social media or via email during a special deals week.

Think about what you're earning too! This promotion idea not only gives you instant sales but can also help you engage with your customers and reinforce your trust. 

  • Suggested products: Posters and Tumblers are the perfect gifts for the holidays. Make sure your consumers find their loved one's presents in your store.

💡Fuel Tip: Think about what other holidays your buyer persona celebrates and consider them to engage with them. Check out our must-have 2022 Social Media Calendar for the Holidays to see if you’re missing anything!

Is your business ready? 

Wrapping up, let’s do a quick checklist to see if your store is ready for the fall season:

  • Your ecommerce is optimized for an easy navigation experience.
  • You’ve added autumn-inspired elements to your marketing materials or products, such as leaves, warm orange colors, pumpkins, etc. 
  • You decided what strategies you’re going to implement from our efficacious marketing ideas for small businesses. 

But, if you have these covered then, congrats! You’re ready to enter the fall season without setbacks. 

Remember to keep your community always in mind when designing your promotions. Consider the deals they’d enjoy the most, anticipate the holidays and keep them informed of all your discounts. That will help you boost your sales during the holiday season.

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