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Best Selling Print-on-Demand Products to Start Your Business | Fuel POD

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Best Selling Print-on-Demand Products to Start Your Business

Way to go! We’re over halfway through your learning journey on how to start a successful POD business

In our last blog, we covered how to create best-selling designs for your print-on-demand business. Maybe you already have some winning designs or at least some good ideas in mind, but now it's time to focus on one of the most crucial things: the products!

So, how do you figure out which products will be flying out the digital shelves with your artwork? Well, Fuel has the answers for you.

High-quality products can make or break a store. In print-on-demand, everything from printing to packing and shipping is handled by Fuel or another less awesome printing partner 😜Here we show you which of our products are the most coveted to start your print-on-demand business with the right foot.

How to choose trending print-on-demand products for your store

We understand making many decisions when starting a new ecommerce venture can get overwhelming really fast! Therefore we created this list with all the things you should consider when choosing best selling print-on-demand products to start your business:

Potential customers, products quality, seasons and trends should be considered  when choosing trending print-on-demand products
To select best-selling print-on-demand products consider your customers, the quality of the products, seasons, and trends.

  • Your potential customers. First and foremost, buyers are the most important part of any business. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. As simple as that, which is why they should always stay on top of mind when making any decisions, including creating your products. How do you consider them? By now, you must have picked a niche and created a buyer persona around it. With all the information you gathered from your customers, you can have a better idea of the type of products you want to add to your POD store.    

💡 Fuel tip: When you have an artwork that works for your customers, try adding more variants with that design and then other products.   

  • The quality of the products. Don’t turn away customers because of bad quality products. In POD, it’s hard to have control over the quality of the products, which is why picking a partner you can trust is essential. Luckily for you, Fuel offers only high-quality products. And if any situation arises, we have a stellar customer service team that can help you with the issue 😎  

💡 Fuel tip: Ordering samples is a great way to confirm the quality of your products is top-notch.

  • Seasons and trends. If you notice a particular product is in the spotlight, it could be a good idea to add it to your collections. It’s no surprise that sweatshirts, hoodies, and beanies increase their sales during fall and wintertime, but sometimes it can also be due to a current fashion trend. Make sure to keep an eye on the competition and fashion trends so you don’t miss the opportunity to sell trending print-on-demand products. 

💡 Fuel tip: The best way to check on current trends is using Google Trends to analyze the popularity of the products you plan to add.  

The important thing is to give yourself the chance to try and test new products. Only then can you know for sure which items are the ones that generate the most sales.  

All-time best-selling print on demand products 

Unisex T-shirt

Looking for the most versatile product ever? Unisex t-shirts are the answer for you. They are perfect for every season, hence their popularity. Not sure which brand to include? Our surefire winners are the Gildan Cotton and Ultra Cotton t-shirts, Hanes Tagless t-shirts, Fruit of the Loom Cotton T, and Anvil Fashion Fit tees. 

Remember, black and white t-shirts are a best-seller across all seasons, so include these colors when adding a new design. 

💡 Fuel tip: When designing your t-shirt graphics, make sure your design looks great in all the colors you are offering. 

 Image of unisex t-shirts, a popular print-on-demand product.     


With 64% of Americans consuming coffee every day, it’s not a surprise that coffee mugs are among the best-selling products for print-on-demand. At Fuel, you can find three different variations of this customer’s favorite: 11oz ceramic mug, 15oz ceramic mug, and 11oz color-changing mug.

Image of coffee mugs which are one of the best-selling print-on-demand products.    

Premium fit tees 

Give your customers a more luxe alternative to a classic t-shirt. Premium fit tees are extra soft and offer a more fitted option to your buyers, especially for the ladies. Our favorites include the Canvas Unisex T-Shirt, Next Level Fitted Crew, ​​Gildan Ladies Missy T-Shirt, and the Gildan Ultra Ladies T-Shirt.

Image of premium fit tees, a trending custom product. 


Let your customers display your art anywhere they want with cool posters. These home decor staples are an affordable way for your buyer to spruce their home. With Fuel, you can choose between a matte or a glossy finish to complement your design.

 Image of posters that are one of the trending pod products.   

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Contrary to popular belief, hoodies and sweatshirts are best-selling items all year round, not only during the colder months of the year. For hoodies, we recommend Gildan, Jerzees, and Hanes 50/50 hoodies to keep your costumes warm. On the other hand, your customers will give you excellent reviews for Gildan, Comfort Colors, and Jerzees Crew sweatshirts.    

Image of hoodies and sweatshirts, best-selling pod products.  

Shirts, shirts, shirts 

Apparel is a basic necessity, and Fuel gives you a wide variety of top styles to choose from. The most popular ones you can sell are Long Sleeve Tees, Ladies Tank Tops, and V-necks. Try and test different styles with your designs to find items that are appealing to your audience. 

 GIF image of long sleeve tees, ladies tank tops, and v-necks, trending POD  products. 

Apparel for kids

Of course, little humans couldn't be left out of our trending print-on-demand products compilation. Although it may not apply to every niche, youth t-shirts and sweatshirts are part of the best-sellers year-round. Keep in mind that young children prefer bright and warm colors for their outfits.  


 Image of youth t-shirts, one of the best-selling print-on-demand products. 


And no list could be complete without cool accessories to give the finishing touch to your customer's looks. So whether you love your design printed in a practical canvas tote or embroidered in a hat or a fuzzy beanie, Fuel has your back with high-quality print-on-demand products! 

GIF image of tote bags, hats, and beanies, which are trending print-on-demand products.

We hope this article gives you greater insights into which trending POD products are a must to start your business. And now that you are an expert in the topic, the next step is to check our Step by Step Guide on How to Price Your Products to get your store ready to succeed.

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