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Introducing Fuel Credit and the New Wallet System

The Fuel Team
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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Fuel Credit feature. This launch is not just about adding a new functionality — it's about transforming the way you manage your finances on our platform.

Accompanying Fuel Credit, we're proud to also introduce Wallet and advanced Transaction History and Details, all designed to provide you with a seamless financial experience.

Let's go through the details!

What is Fuel Credit?

Fuel Credit is our new payment method that simplifies how you handle payments for the services we provide. Think of it as your personal POD bank account within our platform, allowing you to manage your finances more effectively. Whether you're dealing with refunds, payments, or deposits, Fuel Credit centralizes all your transactions.

Quick Access to Your Fuel Credit Balance

You can easily view your current Fuel Credit balance directly from the Fuel navigation panel or under the Fuel Credit tab in the Billing settings. This instant access ensures you are always aware of your available funds, ready for use whenever you need them.

How to Use and Top Up Fuel Credit

Getting started with Fuel Credit is easy:

  1. Top Up Your Balance as Easy as a,b,c : Navigate to the Fuel Credit section under Billing Settings, where you can top up your balance.
    1. Select Your Payment Gateway: Choose your preferred payment gateway.
    2. Transfer Funds: Once a payment gateway is selected, the blue banner will change to green, displaying the payment instructions.
      • Use the button on the banner to copy Fuel’s email ID linked to that payment gateway
      • After copying the email, you can click on the payment gateway name hyperlink on the banner to visit its page, perform the transfer on the payment gateway's page.
      • Once transfer is completed, make sure you copy the Transaction ID.
    3. Verify Your Transaction:
      • Return to the Fuel App.
      • Enter the ‘Transaction Amount (USD)’ and paste in the ‘Transaction ID’.
    4. Optional Verification:
      • Provide any additional notes.
      • Upload a screenshot of the transaction confirmation as proof.
  2. Set Default Payment Method: To facilitate seamless transactions, visit your wallet and set Fuel Credit as your default payment method.

Deposits Made Simpler

Making a deposit into your Fuel Credit has been streamlined for efficiency. You’ll receive an email notification confirming each transaction, keeping you constantly updated.

Introducing the New Wallet Feature

Our new Wallet feature enhances your payment flexibility significantly. You can now store multiple payment methods, choosing to save between a combination of Fuel Credit and a credit card or PayPal. It's crucial to set a default payment method to ensure the system correctly recognizes a payment source for charging. If a credit card or PayPal was previously configured in your settings, it will automatically become your new default.

Adding a New Payment Method

To add a new payment method to your wallet, simply click on "Add New Payment Method" and select the method you wish to add. Please note that you can only add a new payment method if there are fewer than two payment methods saved in your wallet. If there are already two payment methods, you will need to remove one to add a new one.

Transaction History - Now and What’s Next

With this launch, our new Transaction History feature will show all transactions involving Fuel Credits only. Here you can track every transaction, view its status, and identify transactions with unique IDs. This focus allows us to ensure that you can track your most frequent transaction type with precision.

Looking ahead, we plan to expand this feature to include all payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards. This upcoming update will give you a complete view of all your financial transactions, providing even greater transparency over your money's flow. Keep looking out for our emails for when the full Transaction History will be launched.

Navigating Transaction History

Your transaction history is designed to provide comprehensive insights into your financial activity. For detailed information on a specific transaction, simply click on the hyperlink of the transaction ID. This will take you to a page dedicated to that particular transaction's details, such as the date, amount, method used, and any relevant notes or IDs associated with it.

These enhancements are part of our commitment to continually improve the functionality and user-friendliness of our platform. We believe these new features will empower you to manage your payments and transactions more effectively and with greater confidence.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Fuel family. We look forward to your feedback on these new features and to continuing to support your payment and transaction needs.

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