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What do successful Fuel sellers have in common?

November 25, 2020


A lot of questions pop into our heads when starting a business. But, there is one that haunts us day and night. What do I need to become a successful seller? 

The truth is that a business’s success depends on many factors, especially when talking about an e-commerce print on demand business. 

However, we have found that many successful vendors have to practice different strategies for their business. Some of the most common factors depend on:

  • The product you offer to your consumers
  • The efforts of communication you use to promote your products
  • The desire you put into making your designs attractive and desirable
  • And above all, the constant updating of the platforms to be at the forefront of technology

Don’t worry. We’ll explain more of this down here so you can achieve successful sales with your custom products on your Shopify t-shirt store.

Here are some of the top tips to become a master: 

1. Master your print-on-demand website 

It would be best if you mastered all the tools used to create a successful website. In this case, you must invest time in your Shopify print-on-demand webpage.

Remember that print-on-demand is a low-risk business because of its simple way to start a hugely profitable margin with no inventory. Still, it's up to you to dedicate effort to developing something interesting for your buyers.

Some strategies you can implement: 

  • Search for SEO optimization so people can reach your e-commerce easily
  • Describe all your products with the right keywords. “Think like a customer”
  • Develop your brand identity to sync all your products with your website
  • Choose a specific niche or target market to position your products in a group of people
  • Create a strong relationship with your print-on-demand partner

*Successful sellers tip: Create an alluring and good-looking landing page. Remember that love is born at first sight, and if a buyer loves what they see, they will surely ask for it. 

2. Design print-on-demand products that people want to buy

It is crucial to explore what your competitors are doing before creating a brand. Make an investigation about the trends, search for the products and services that sell, and look at what people are buying nowadays. 

We are not telling you to use any of these ideas for your print-on-demand shirts, but think about what can work in your products. 

*Successful sellers tip: Remember that you can’t handle the whole market. So try a specific hobby or niche to start your custom designs. Simplicity is the best thing you can do, but don’t forget about good taste too! 

3. Make your products available

Once you upload a product to your store, it will be available for everyone who sees it. 

With the Fuel app, you can be sure that the mockup will be as good as possible to present to your customers.

*Successful sellers tip: Before selling any product, order one to see if you like it. This way, you can change something about the design or the size before putting it in the sale category! Quality assurance is essential when you are offering a print-on-demand product!

4. Invest time creating a marketing plan

Marketing determines the success of your business. It's not useful to have e-commerce if you don't use some marketing reinforcements to promote it. 

Social media is the perfect place to start. Creating a Facebook Business page, an Instagram profile, and a Twitter account is completely free and recommendable.

Did you know that Facebook and Instagram are the top social networks to sell online? Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active and is also the 3rd most visited website in the world. That means a lot of opportunities to make a sale, right? 

*Successful sellers tip: Every time a buyer orders a product, ask them to send you some photos to share on your social networks. Real-life pictures can make a better impression on your followers! 

5. Place your products on multiple marketplaces

As well as on social networks, you can also share your e-commerce site on other platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

In all of these platforms, sellers and business owners can add their products, improving their reach for additional visualization and expansion. 

*Successful sellers tip: Don't forget to show the same graphic line on all your platforms so that your brand can look uniform and very professional. 

6. Paid advertising

Once you've made some sales on your site, it's time for you to enter the world of paid advertising.

There are a lot of places where you can advertise your products. Maybe you can start in Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but you must invest more to reach these platforms. (It’s worth it!)

*Successful seller tip:  Don’t try this method unless someone you don’t know has purchased the design. If you can’t sell one shirt using free methods, it’s unlikely to be a good design. That means you must change it!

7. Refresh your products constantly 

To create a successful selling cycle, you must change your designs and products regularly. Create a calendar to add some temporary products, add specific designs to your niches, and don’t forget that you must give a refresh to your merchandise unless you have a best-seller.

*Successful seller tip: Always keep an eye on seasonal trends for design inspiration. 

Real success starts with small actions. Running a business can be effortless if you spend enough of your time, dedication, and patience. Don’t worry! We are here to help you to start your POD business now!

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