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Best apps and services to improve your Shopify store

June 30, 2021

To continue growing your print-on-demand business, it is crucial to constantly develop new ideas and strategies. Almost every day, there is new competition in the market, new technological updates, modern improvements in devices, and original content ideas to promote your brand on the Internet.

Shopify makes it super easy when talking about apps and services to improve your e-commerce business. The Shopify developers community has created thousands of apps, helping business owners to sell more, scale-up, and optimize their stores.  

We want to recommend you some apps and services that will help you upgrade your e-commerce store to the next level:

Instafeed - Add your Instagram feed to your Shopify store

Your social media platforms are perfect for integrating social proofs of your customers with your products in your e-commerce. This app lets you add your display custom shoppable feed minimally and elegantly.

It will allow you to keep your store content fresh and fully responsive!

PlaceIt - Mockups

If you aren’t a designer, but you still want to add specific mockups to match your target market in social media, you must know about this service.

It provides thousands of mockups for you to add your artwork and share them in your store! Using this resource will allow your customers to see how the product looks in a different environment, making it more realistic and buyable.  

Etsy - Extra selling platform

There are some additional platforms where you can add your Shopify products to generate more views and visits to your online store. Etsy is an e-commerce website where sellers and business owners sell their products.

You can use it as an extra marketing tool for your POD business.

Klaviyo- For email marketing

There are many platforms for integrating email marketing in your e-commerce store. However, Klaviyo collects user data from Shopify, making it easier to reach possible customers.

When a prospect abandons their cart or their browsing session, this app sends them a recovery email to convert them into buyers. It’s a great tool to boost sales!

You can also create personalized campaigns in the way users interact with your website!

Yotpo - For user reviews

Nowadays, most consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. That’s why adding reviews will help you to give social proof to your business and increase brand credibility.

Yotpo collects product reviews, photo reviews, site reviews, and ratings by sending a reminder email after a customer makes a purchase. You can also link your social media accounts to Yotpo and even generate Google Ads that show star ratings in your products.

Export Feed - Open new platforms

Expanding your business to other marketplaces will help you to increase conversions on your products. With this service, different customers will have access to your store to make their purchases by adding your products to places like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Bing, among others.

You’ll see that the number of potential customers will increase! - Image optimization

If you want to become relevant, you must pay attention to ensure that your images are optimized for your Shopify print-on-demand store.

This app will automatically compress your images while you upload them to your store. The image compression will help the performance of your website while retaining your customers for a longer time.

GrooveJar - For lead capture

GrooveJar is a powerful tool to capture new leads.

It has eight different vias to add the email addresses of your POD business visitors to your email marketing list.

You’ll have to choose a paid plan to use it, but it is intensely profitable for your store!

SEO Image Optimizer - Add your images to search engines

When you start looking for something in search results, have you ever noticed that some images appear at the top? This happens with SEO optimized images.

When you improve your images, you get more visibility, which means more web traffic, and more profits! This app will help you optimize meta tags, alt text, sitemaps, and all the technical SEO you need.

Upwork - A virtual assistant

This is a top service for your store if it’s becoming too huge to handle it on your own.

Using this service doesn’t mean you need to stop handling your business. It provides you someone who can manage your daily tasks and processes that are truly important for your t-shirt print-on-demand store. You can now start focusing on other strategies!

Langify - Multiple languages

Are you planning to expand your store into a market that speaks more than one language? Remember that even though a country has its native language, it may have others. If you are not an expert with languages or you are afraid of not being able to translate your entire website correctly, this app will help you to do it.

Loox - Photo reviews

As we said before, reviews are crucial for customers when deciding if buying or not a product. Loox is a review app that enables your business to collect customer reviews with photos in a lovely display to share their experiences in real life.

Now you know that there are many more tools you can implement in your print-on-demand store to increase visibility and achieve your goals!

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