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6 Meaningful Ways to Thank Customers for their Purchase

June 30, 2021

Showing appreciation to your customers is one of the best ways to build a close relationship with your buyers. And the best of all? It’s effortless to do it.

Unfortunately, not many small businesses take the time to maintain a good customer relationship after an order in their print-on-demand store was made.

Remember that, to stand out in a world full of competitors it’s necessary to make a difference.

That’s why you should always focus on creating a meaningful customer experience to develop customer loyalty.

The key here is to create a real connection giving your customers a warm thank you without expecting something in return. You may be wondering, but how can I express some gratitude without spending so much time on it? You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to send the perfect “thank you”.  

If you need some inspiration, let’s get you through 6 creative ways to thank customers for their purchase:

Thank you email notes

This is one of the most common ways to thank a customer.

Sending an email thank you note shows that there’s someone involved in the complete process before a customer makes a purchase.

It can have all kinds of sizes, designs, and shapes, whether you prefer something more elegant or a more creative and casual option.

The important thing here is that every message should be personalized. This way, the client will know that it is not just part of an automated message but that you appreciate them for being part of your print-on-demand business.

Store credit

Store credits are another easy way to thank your customers. In particular, if your customer had any inconvenience at the time of placing their order, you can thank them for their patience and loyalty to your brand by giving them credits on their next purchase.

This way, they will know that you care, so they'll be more likely to make another purchase again.

Create video connections

Wouldn't you like that people know who's behind that business you've been working so hard on? Recording a personalized thank you video is something quite special.

You can opt for creating videos to spread an important message on unique occasions or holidays.

Remember that if you are going to try this, you must be genuine, personal, and real.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to connect with people.

People on a videocall finding creative ways to thank customers
Creative ways to thank customers

Gift Certificates

Giving a gift certificate is another great idea to thank your customers. Besides, it's a very effective way to get your consumers to buy a product again. It's a win-win.

It's very easy to do it. You must send a code through an email or through your social networks, so they can easily apply for their credits in your print-on-demand merch.

Fuel tip: These certificates can also be used as motivators in giveaways on your social media content.

Spotlight your customers

If you want to share publicly how much you appreciate your customers you can try this strategy.

When someone shares something about your brand on their social media you’ll be happily entering the incredible world of user-generated content. This means that your content will be published in another profile than your own, and well...what better way to advertise your brand than with the testimony of a real client?

You can make a repost or write a public note to deeply thank your buyers.

Company merch

If your business is already at a more mature point, and you are looking to thank your customers more tangibly, you can always opt to send them your company merch.

Select between a mug or a classic t-shirt and include it in their next purchase.

They will be amazed to receive something they didn’t buy, and at the same time, they will advertise your brand when they use it.

Creating a bond with your buyers is vital for developing a strong customer loyalty.

Always treat your customers the way you would like to be treated. And remember, it's never too much to thank someone for purchasing your products. Among thousands of options on the internet they decided to choose you.

How lucky, don't you think?

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